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FAQ’s For Business Owners

  How do I know what the rental amount will be in any extensions or options to renew the lease?  The amount of any future rental increases should be negotiated at the onset.  The parties should decide what, in their opinions, represents a fair increase over the current rate, if any.  If the parties do not intend for the lease amount… Read more →

An Employers Responsibility

As an employer, how do I know if I am subject to or in compliance with all Federal or State Laws ? There are a multitude of governmental agencies who are responsible for the enforcement of a variety of Federal and State laws and regulations governing employment. Which laws and regulations apply to your business will require an individual analysis… Read more →

3 Issues Facing Small Business Owner

Corporate Entity What type of corporate entity should you select? An individual wanting to start a new business has several options from which to choose when trying to decide which ownership structure is best for his or her particular needs.  The entrepreneur should consider a corporation, a general partnership, a limited liability partnership, and a limited liability company.   Each ownership… Read more →